A Templet’s Tasty Tails Christmas


Today, snow fell in Louisiana!   The snow created a wintry wonderland in Deep South Louisiana.   A Louisiana snowfall. What could happen, huh? Oh, boy! My creative juices are flowing.     For now, though, enjoy this Christmassy excerpt from Templet’s Tasty Tails.   Scene: At Erika’s for Christmas, …

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Mickie Sherwood’s Southern-Style Smothered Corn


Comfort food to soothe my Soul If you follow me on Twitter, recently I tweeted “life was happening”. My activity dwindled from my normal sporadic tweets. Well, now, I’m learning to live without a loved one. Today was tough. I had a taste for a dish that loved one used …

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Booker’s Want

Brice (Booker's son) from Templet's Tasty Tails

A Templet’s Tasty Tails Excerpt Scene: Erika has rescued Booker from a perilous situation. Now, they recuperate and discuss the thrilling future of their unexpected romance.   Erika shut down her laptop and fished Brice’s bottle out of the baby bag before accepting Booker’s invitation. When she reached his room, …

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Why I Write Romance the Way I Do

Silver Beans Cafe Author Interview

Have you ever wondered about an author’s writing style after reading a book? Well, you can get an idea of why I write romance the way I do. I’ve been interviewed by Silver Beans Cafe. Yea! The interview is live. Enjoy the interview right now http://silverbeanscafe.weebly.com/meet-the-author-mickie-sherwood-interview.html. Come back here to …

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Amazon Kindle Book Preview Embed Code


I’m an #indieauthor with limited funds. (What indie person doesn’t have limited funds, huh?) Therefore, I’m my own webmistress. I do extensive research before attempting to make changes on my website. Sometimes, my changes are successful. Sometimes, I make a mess. (That’s when I pull out my hair.) So, here’s …

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Bayou Cowboy Convinces the Skeptical Surrogate of His Love


Join Templet’s Tasty Tails on the MFRW Book Hooks Blog Hop.    Loss…life…love. What a difference a year makes!   Scene: Conversation between the bayou cowboy and the skeptical surrogate   Erika stopped suddenly. “You’ve got to be kidding.” She looked at the black rims with the silver, riveted studs. …

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Templet’s Tasty Tails


              Note: (Unedited WIP) Sweet to Sensual Contemporary Interracial Romance Templet is pronounced “Tom-play”. By Mickie Sherwood Chapter One Erika’s open-toed, platform sandals crunched on the gritty sidewalk. As she walked in the April air, the tail of her sundress brushed the skin above …

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Mardi Gras King Cake

Laissez les bons temps rouler! Let the good times roll! It’s Mardi Gras time in Louisiana. One of the highlights of the season is the delicious King Cake. Today, I bought one. This King Cake was from Gambino’s Bakery.             The King Cake had a …

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