Black Friday Sale on Indie Author Romances

$.99 Black Friday Sale

$.99 Black Friday Sale on Indie Author Romances You deserve to kick-start your Black Friday weekend with something tasty to read. If you love suave, compassionate men, and sassy, enlightened women, you’ll love my romances. If you love the mood captured by laid-back Southern lifestyles, you’ll love my romances. If …

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Mickie Sherwood’s Southern-Style Smothered Corn


Comfort food to soothe my Soul If you follow me on Twitter, recently I tweeted “life was happening”. My activity dwindled from my normal sporadic tweets. Well, now, I’m learning to live without a loved one. Today was tough. I had a taste for a dish that loved one used …

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Romance-Portation 2 – Love’s Ultimate Balm

Love's Ultimate Balm JEEP6

Remember this? Romance-Portation is transportation for those in love. If you’ve never experienced Romance-Portation, you’ve missed out. Romance-Portation is transportation for those in love. When with the one with whom you’re infatuated or the one you love, mode of transportation takes a backseat. Whether pedestrian or mobile, it doesn’t matter …

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Love’s Ultimate Balm Cover Reveal


The time has finally come, readers. October is the release month for my newest relationship-based romance, cozy reunion romance. I’ve revealed the title of this intimately sweet love story in the subject line. Now, for the Love’s Ultimate Balm cover reveal. Ta Da!   Pre-Order now: Amazon Synopsis Now that …

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Booker’s Want

Brice (Booker's son) from Templet's Tasty Tails

A Templet’s Tasty Tails Excerpt Scene: Erika has rescued Booker from a perilous situation. Now, they recuperate and discuss the thrilling future of their unexpected romance.   Erika shut down her laptop and fished Brice’s bottle out of the baby bag before accepting Booker’s invitation. When she reached his room, …

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Why I Write Romance the Way I Do

Silver Beans Cafe Author Interview

Have you ever wondered about an author’s writing style after reading a book? Well, you can get an idea of why I write romance the way I do. I’ve been interviewed by Silver Beans Cafe. Yea! The interview is live. Enjoy the interview right now Come back here to …

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Azure’s Heart Free Promo


Women, whether you work or take the day off, more power to you!   I will offer my newest sweet romance, Azure’s Heart, in a free promo on Wednesday, March 8, 2017. Take advantage because the regular price is $2.99. Don’t hesitate to get your copy. Enjoy the hour (estimated …

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Six Months Pregnant and Impatient


A New #TempletsTastyTails Excerpt for Your Enjoyment! Scene: Six months pregnant and impatient, Erika can wait no longer for Booker’s arrival to complete the nursery. He catches her on a ladder.   Blurb: Web Designer Erika Washington’s contract with her childhood best friend covers all possibilities about her pregnancy. But, …

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Amazon Kindle Book Preview Embed Code


I’m an #indieauthor with limited funds. (What indie person doesn’t have limited funds, huh?) Therefore, I’m my own webmistress. I do extensive research before attempting to make changes on my website. Sometimes, my changes are successful. Sometimes, I make a mess. (That’s when I pull out my hair.) So, here’s …

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