Romance-Portation 2 – Love’s Ultimate Balm

Remember this?
Romance-Portation is transportation for those in love.

If you’ve never experienced Romance-Portation, you’ve missed out.

Romance-Portation is transportation for those in love. When with the one with whom you’re infatuated or the one you love, mode of transportation takes a backseat. Whether pedestrian or mobile, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re with that special person. Engaging conversation stimulates the emotional connection. A look transcends. Music uplifts. A touch excites. Smells intensify. Tastes sweeten.

In my novels, my characters bond while in some form of transit. Check out this interaction from my newest intimately sweet, mainstream, reunion romance.

Love’s Ultimate Balm

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Now that Dr. ZeLisa Tobias has survived an IED attack and a stint of homelessness, nothing will prevent her from achieving her goals (her “Three B’s”). Then, the veterinarian makes a house call on Halloween night. Face to face with a man from her past, she must deal with his feelings of betrayal and, later, a series of rash misfortune that threatens her newfound stability.

Firefighter Hank Streeter knows his call to the animal hospital is a mistake the instant he answers the door. The doctor has arrived. And—heartbreak is her name.

Will deception, doubt, and a run of bad luck curse their accidental reunion? Or will Hank convince ZeLisa that a marriage of convenience is love’s ultimate balm?

Scene: On Halloween, a traumatic hit-and-run experience leaves ZeLisa at Hank’s mercy.

“Let’s go.” He broke the spell with his command.

Bringing up the rear to the two-car garage, ZeLisa prepared to claim her seat in the two-door coupe parked nearest them. To her disbelief, he bypassed it, en route to the blacked-out, 4×4 sports utility vehicle. From the rack of floodlights anchored across the top, to the skull and crossbones license plate on the front bumper, the sight of the vehicle-on-steroids concerned her. “Are you joking?”

Love's Ultimate Balm JEEP6

“Problem?” Herman’s ironic smile was back.

“Not to sound ungrateful for your kindness—”

“I hear a but coming?” He moved in close, unburdening ZeLisa by taking her bags. Opening the passenger door, he reached behind to drop them on the floor.

All sorts of thoughts ran through her mind. She uttered them under her breath. “I’ll show you. You aren’t dealing with an amateur. This ride holds no candle to a Humvee.” Shameless, ZeLisa hiked the hem of her pencil skirt up to the tops of her thigh-high stockings. “I’ll wipe that smirk right off your puky-green face.” Tilting her head to observe his reaction, she saw an appreciative glint in his eyes. His burgundy lips pursed in a silent whistle. She looked away, studying the best method to make the mountainous climb.

Love's Ultimate Balm JEEP5

“Self-reliance.” He redirected her focus back to him. “I like that in a woman.”

About to show him the degree of her self-reliance, she suddenly lost her footing. An aborted shriek lodged in her throat. She found herself situated in Hank’s capable arms. A riptide of naughtiness permeated in his direct stare. “Put me down.”

“What’s your hurry?” His clamp on her body restricted her movements.

Things quickly went haywire.

She panted, struggling for her freedom, defending herself from the entrapment. Sound was absent from the swirling vortex that held her hostage. Only after she landed in the passenger seat did she realize Hank’s arms no longer bound her to him. “What part of put me down didn’t you understand?”

Love's Ultimate Balm JEEP4

“Dr. Tobias.” Shock resonated in his voice. He held out his hands in supplication. “I’m deeply sorry.” He retreated a few steps. “I meant to help, that’s all.”

She glared at him, examining his mannerisms all the while. “I believe you.” He wore contrition like a second skin. Straightening her twisted skirt, she asked, “Do you think we can get going now?”

He jumped to make things right. Hustling to his side, he lunged into the driver’s seat. The engine started with a ferocious hum. His covert glimpses were obvious, but she pretended not to notice.

Love's Ultimate Balm JEEP2

I guess you can tell that I love to see awesome vehicles on the road. Camera to the ready.


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