Mickie Sherwood’s WIP Snippet

I want to share from my “as yet” unnamed and unedited WIP.

A reunion romance!

What will a senator with a secret do when “the” love from her past lobbies for her affection?


Book CoverJordan staggered toward the light filtering in from outside. Her eyes teared in the bright sunlight as she sought to fill her lungs with fresh air. She managed to make it a few feet from the doorway where she stopped to combat the dizziness that threatened to overtake her. Bracing her hands on her knees prevented her from passing out. She kept her eyes shut as her body slowly regulated in its effort to return to its normal state.

She was nearly there when the strangest thing happened. Support came from out of nowhere. Jordan’s eyes flew open to travel the length of a blurry silhouette dressed all in black. The grip he had on her arm was tight but not hurtful. Her sight cleared to focus on a face that still caused her blood pressure to rise, her knees to knock, and her heart to ache, even after all the years of no contact.

“Hi, Jay.” His rich, mellow voice was music to her ears. His hand slid down her arm to clutch hers, adding to her jittery stance.

Her stomach lurched.

Jordan’s eyes shut when she lost the battle as her stomach emptied right at their feet. She opened her eyes to his offer of a folded snowy white handkerchief he held directly under her nose. Raising her head, she accepted it and wiped first her eyes then her mouth. His spontaneous grin showed off the one imperfect, slightly crooked, bottom tooth in his otherwise perfect smile. She recalled him saying it was a family trait.

“Hi, Deke.” She responded as if their last conversation was twenty minutes ago and not almost twenty years. At that point, the nearly fifty year-old woman took a momentary trip back to her twenty-something year-old days.


It’s definitely a work-in-progress. And—I’m loving every moment of it!

I’d love it if you cheered me on. Leave a comment.


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