18-wheelers that Rule the Roads!

18-Wheelers Make Thrilling Plot Settings



I have a healthy respect for 18-wheelers that rule the roads and the men and women who drive them. It takes skill and know-how to get those monster machines safely from one place to another. Unlike some risk takers that I’ve seen in my travels on various road trips, I give them a wide berth hoping to ensure my wellbeing.


18-wheeler                 18-wheeler          

 18-wheeler            18-wheeler

I love when the drivers do what I call the truckers’ salute to another big rig. I mean, when they cut all the lights, from the front of the cab to the tail of the trailer, to black for a split second in the dark of night. I find it thrilling to see those amber orbs pop back on. The sight reminds me of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree that’s all lit up.




As you know, I’ve used a fictitious 18-wheeler as one of the props in my latest mainstream romance, Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker. Mike Masterson is a hardworking, independent trucker who encounters a beautiful widow fleeing from her dominating brother-in-law. Mike and Veronica Torres spend a great deal of time together in the cab of his customized fiery-red 18-wheeler. Veronica even gets to do something I’ve always wished I could. She learns to drive his 18-wheeler.



I did do the “pull-string” move and the driver of the truck above blew his horn.

(Excuse the extraneous noises!)


How cool is that? (Baby-boomer question: Is “cool” still used? Or is it “dope” or something else?) Whatever! You get the gist of what I’m saying.


18-wheeler           18-wheeler            

18-wheeler           18-wheller


I modeled the description of the 18-wheeler in my romance after my favorites to see on the road. I like the square-nosed ones best with the newer snub-nosed coming in a close second. Although both designs are supposed to be aerodynamically engineered, I am just still partial to the traditional Peterbilt and Freightliner cabs. They seem to dress-up better when customized with chrome and lights. Here are the last two of the parade of 18-wheelers that rule the roads.


Peterbilt           Freightliner


I hope you enjoyed my salute to 18-wheelers.


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You might like this video I found online that tours an 18-wheeler. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5Fk-JDELC8

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