Southern Fried Wingettes Mickie Sherwood Style

It’s Sunday evening and we needed a quick bite to eat after a busy day. So, I stopped by my favorite chicken place, and they were closed. Can you guess what I did next? If you said fried my own, you’d be right.

Okay, I settled on a pack of wingettes because they’re already separated at the joint; of a manageable quantity—because I hate to fry; and they won’t take long to cook.


Here’s what I did.

Washed and seasoned the wingettes.

Prep     Prep    Prep


Preheated the oil with just a tab of margarine (to assist in browning).



Put chicken fry flour in a pan while oil preheating.

Seasoned flour   Dredged


Placed wingettes in hot oil (being careful not to splash). I used my black kettle to contain the splatter.

Hot Oil


I decided the next quickest side dish was stove top spaghetti and cheese. (Love it!)

Boiled the spaghetti in seasoned water.

Boiling spaghetti


Checked the wingettes and took the first batch out to drain.

Getting brown   First batch


Stirred grated Colby Jack cheese and margarine in the spaghetti.



Added the second batch of wingettes to drain.

Second batch


Served it up nice and hot.



The biggest hitch to this quick meal was that my camera’s battery died at the preheating oil stage. That delayed our meal because I had to wait on a quick charge before I could finish taking my pictures for you to see.


Man, am I ever glad I’m married to a wonderful, understanding fellow!


Next time, I’ll have a green salad on the side.


Doesn’t that look de-lish?


Reminder: Fry at your own risk. And—clean and disinfect everything.

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