The Senior and the Wild Turkeys

In my younger days, we used to call friends “turkeys”. Not in a derogatory manner, but in jest to something they said or did that was outrageously funny. It would go something like, “jive turkey” or “you turkey”. It was all in good fun. They were a human “turkeys”.


How many of you have seen a real turkey? I’m talking about the “gobble-gobble” kind. I’m not talking about the ones in clear plastic wrap found in your local grocery store’s meat or freezer sections. I’m speaking of live turkeys still wrapped in feathers and prancing around.


Well, guess what paid a visit to my backyard yesterday?


Wild Turkeys

Look what visited my backyard!












There was a flock of them. Do they flock? Whatever! I froze when I spotted the biggest birds I’d ever seen walking on two legs right in my backyard. You should have seen me hustling back to the house for my camera, all the while trying not to scare them away with my noisy exit. They hung around long enough for me to get several pictures and a short video before meandering away, and disappearing back into the woods.













Wow! My second turkey post and the turkeys weren’t in the oven, in the fryer or on a platter. Imagine that!




  1. Those turkeys are just too beautiful. I have never seen a real turkey. Thanks for the uplifting photos.

    • Hi, Vivienne,
      It was my pleasure to share that experience. It’s just no telling what might come out of those woods.

      Come back, again.

  2. My dad raised turkeys one year. We lived by the lakefront at the time, not quite in city limits. They started to follow my dad around like puppy dogs, but my dad had np problem putting them on the block.

    • Hi, Viola,

      If those turkeys had hung around any longer, on the block may have been their outcome for we have hunters in the area.

      Glad you stopped by.

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